V-Flow Solutions extend the range of plastic actuated valves

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V-Flow Electric Actuator Range Extended

V-Flow Solutions have been specialists in actuating plastic valves for many years now, but their range has been recently extended.

V-Flow Electric Actuator Range Extended

All V-Flow actuators and plastic valves are made in Europe to high standards.

A V-Flow Technician will test every unit to ensure it is fully functioning. We also serial-number every unit. This is to ensure the full functionality, reliability and traceability of every unit.

The new range includes more cost-effective units for standard applications and the premium actuated valves for heavier duty applications.  Valves are available as butterfly valves, 2 way or 3-way ball valves in uPVC, cPVC, Polypropylene, ABS.  The actuators can be electric or pneumatic, also manufactured from non-corrosive materials. We can offer On/Off or modulating units, which are all available with a whole host of optional extra features making the solution we offer completely suitable for the requirements.

V-Flow Electric Actuator Range ExtendedV-Flow Electric Actuator Range ExtendedV-Flow Electric Actuator Range ExtendedV-Flow Electric Actuator Range Extended

Contact the V-Flow technical sales team for information regarding the extended range of plastic actuated valves.


or call 01234 855888 to speak to one of our sales engineers.

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