Actuated 3 Way Ball Valve For The Pharmaceutical Industry

This actuated package consists of a Comparato Diamant Pro 24v AC/DC actuator, a mounting plate and a 3 way T-port ½” stainless steel ball valve.

Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator with Namur Solenoid Valve

This spring return pneumatic actuator fitted with a 2 ½” stainless steel ball valve, 100mm extension bonnet and Namur solenoid valve was recently assembled and tested in our workshop for a customer who manufactures and supplies animal feed milling equipment and grain drying/handling machinery.

IP68 Submersible Electric Actuators from Comparato

V-Flow Solutions introduces the new range of IP68 rated Comparato electric actuators.

Comparato Introduce the new Sintesi Smart and Sintesi DC Motorised Actuators for Ball Valves

The first is the new Sintesi Smart, a proportional version of the standard on/off actuator.  The unit uses M-Bus protocol to proportionally open and close the valve thus regulating the flow using 0-10v, 2-10v, 4-20mA or 0-20mA control signal.

3 Solenoid Valve Problems and How to Identify Them (With Solutions)

In this blog post, we are going to look at 3 Solenoid Valve problems which can occur, some ways to identify them and how these problems can be resolved. Normally the cause for a solenoid or coil failure is very miniscule and can be fixed without any major changes being made. In a more serious case it could call for a coil or valve to be replaced.

New: Pneumatic Pressure Switches

A range of Pneumatic Pressure Switches capable of working pressures up to 16 Bar, with shock and vibration resistance in accordance with EN 61373. This is an exciting new range, ready for use in a variety of applications.

Regada Electric Actuators

Regada Electric Actuators are suitable for heavy-duty applications. Their low cost, compared to competitors, is one of many benefits that come from this line of actuators.

How To Identify BSP Threads

British pipe standard fittings are amongst the most popular foreign threads in the world today. Here is how to identify a BSP thread.

Solenoid Valve Applications: Dryers

In their typical application, air dryers are suitable for removing the condensate in compressed air installations.  Compressed air produced by compressors contains a large quantity of steam that can condensate and provoke important damages in the equipment utilizing it. 

Piston Valve Applications: Metal Cleaning Machines

M&M Piston actuated valves are suitable for a wide variety of applications. In this blog post, we are going to provide some examples of the type of applications that they are suitable for. We also recommend a valve for the application. Metal cleaning machines are industrial cleaning machines with a closed-circuit drying system. They clean metallic parts of iron, aluminium, brass, bronze, stainless steel, etc. using solvents (ex. Perchloroethylene) and dry them with hot air.


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